Nepal is famous for its grand Himalayan Mountains, which stretch for some 500 miles along the rooftop of the world. An awesome sight and yet one of considerable beauty. Each mountain is recognizable by its individual shape, and in Nepal at least eight of them are over 8,000 metres including Mt. Everest at 8,848m. While more than 240 peaks rise above 6,000m. 

Since the early part of the last century the Himalayas have represented a challenge to the world's greatest mountaineers, many giving their lives attempting to conquer these formidable mountains. To this day they are a magnet to climbers from all over the world hoping to make their dreams of conquest come true. 

We organize all necessary arrangements in Nepal including obtaining essential climbing permission from the Nepalese Government. We also provide trained and well experienced Sherpas to accompany you on your endeavours.

Fixed Departures

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